Celebrating 35 years of field experience

The leading independent surface logging company in the world

35 years…a page has turned! Interesting facts about GEOLOG…

April 10, 2017
  • GEOLOG was founded in 1982 to provide ML Services to AGIP (Eni) in Italy
  • Remained mono country (Italy) and mono client (AGIP) till 1994
  • Opened international bases in Venezuela (1994), Congo (1995) and Tunisia (1995)
  • Real Expansion drive since 2000:
  • Recruited over 250 graduates in Spain, Portugal, Romania, UK, France, Italy, Poland, Algeria, Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Tunisia and Venezuela
  • Wellsite training center initially on deep wells in Italy, subsequently opened training centers in Algeria, Romania, Libya, Congo and Kuwait
  • Manufacturing peaked at more than 50 units per year to keep up with strong continuous growth

More than 3 decades of Mud Logging revolution!

March 16, 2017

By Fabrice Anglereaux, Sub Sahara Region Manager

GEOLOG is celebrating 35 years of existence and I have been here for half of this time! Coming from another Mud Logging company, I was first impressed by the quality of GEOLOG’s material. Some of you probably remember the famous comperf, comgas of the Motorola! We then moved away from our UNIX environment to the current one – a difficult transition especially as we were effectively a rapidly growing startup at the same time! 

During the past years, I have also witnessed the amazing evolution of our Mud Logging units and advanced services equipment. We have learnt a lot and now a very well-engineered and reliable product suite far above any competitor globally. When I joined the company, less than 10 units were working outside Italy in 3 countries. In 2015, GEOLOG had more than 300 units working in over 35 countries with 1700 employees. A true success story!

GEOLOG Logo Evolution

February 8, 2017

The original GEOLOG logo was designed in 1982 when the company was founded in Italy to provide mud logging services to AGIP on geothermal, oil and gas wells. 13 years later in 1995, with the company international expansion, opening bases in Tunisia, Congo and Venezuela, GEOLOG icon became more simplified.

After current management acquired the company in 2001 and when GEOLOG started to develop more innovative solutions, the symbol used since 1995, was replaced, in 2003, to a new version in blue color focused on surface logging and reduction of costs.

The 2013 logo, which is used today, was created to represent innovation, dynamism and consistently grown, reinforcing GEOLOG as the leading independent surface company in the world.

35 Years of field experience

January 4, 2017

In 2017, GEOLOG celebrates the 35th anniversary of its groundbreaking history. Founded in 1982 in Italy to provide mud logging services, over the past years GEOLOG has been able to develop its innovative solutions and technological patents into commercial products and services, thereby significantly growing the client base across not only International Oil Companies but also across National Oil Companies worldwide. Many more anniversaries to come!