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Enhance your professional skills and achieve your goals

Bruno Melo, Advanced Services Engineer
I joined GEOLOG in 2014 as a Fast-Track Data Engineer, and immediately I sensed that I entered in a world of opportunities.
From the initial theoretical training at the headquarters in Milan, through the practical training at a well-site in Romania, to assignments in the North Sea, Brazil and Venezuela, you can feel that your professional development reflects the choices you make. Between assignments, I also had the opportunity to participate in some specialization courses like drilling engineering, advanced gas specialist and well-site geochemistry. The implemented one-on-one career management not only helps employees realize their own potential, but also promotes skill development and transfer between business segments. Example of that is my experience in the human resources area, performing the link between the main Portuguese engineering universities and GEOLOG. This activity also extends to participations in careers fairs, as well as CV screening and technical interviews. The opportunities are endless and mainly dependent on the employee’s motivation.
My master thesis for the Petroleum Engineering degree was another case where GEOLOG, in a joint project with Instituto Superior Tecnico, supported my research in order to reach common interests. This step just opened another door to a career change into the interpretation department of the company.
All of this in a year and half, can you imagine yourself here in the future?