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Career Paths at GEOLOG

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The most common career path at GEOLOG is one that starts in the field in the role of Mud Logger, progressing with experience and training to Data Engineer and then on to specialist roles at the rig site such as: Pressure Analyst, Gas While Drilling Specialist, Flow Detection Specialist, Hole Stability Engineer or WellSite Geologist.

GEOLOG tries wherever possible to fill office based positions from within its own employees, thus your career can take you from the field to an office based role in one of our Operations bases. Depending on your objectives and specialties this could be in Operations, Marketing or Technical roles and with further experience the opportunity exists to work in Regional / Corporate Offices of GEOLOG.

Mud Logger

The job description A Mud Logger collects and monitors all information (geological samples and data from sensors) in ‘real time’ from computer based data acquisition system during operations at an on shore or off shore oil rig. Mud Loggers work from a mobile laboratory placed on the rig site. The Mud Logger collects; processes and analyses the samples. The GEOLOG Laboratory is filled with the latest equipment, including binocular microscopes, ultraviolet fluorescence and thin section analysis equipment to ensure the best working conditions to execute the job according to the client’s needs and demands. The Mud Logger interprets the information with regards to pit levels; rate of penetration; the rotation speed; the mud fluid flow rate; cutting and pump rate. Inside the unit you will work alongside the Data Engineer.
The primary duties of a Mud Logger consist of:
  • Real time monitoring of drilling activity onsite
  • Contributing to maintain a safe working environment on the rig by interpreting the data at hand and giving feedback to the Data Engineer; drilling team and company man.
  • Lending onsite technical support in case of equipment failure
  • Having a pro active attitude towards the health and safety aspect of the job
  • Assisting the well site geologist during ‘coring operations’
  • Creating special logs and written reports for Well Site Geologist and company man
The requirements:
  • A university degree in Geology or an Engineering degree in Mechanics, Electronics or IT
  • Fluent in English
  • Additional languages welcome
  • Available and motivated to travel all over the world
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong Team Player

Data Engineer

The job description As Data Engineer you are responsible for analyzing all the (geological) data during operations and preparing all final logs and reports for the Well Site Geologist and the company man. A Data Engineer has strong communication skills and liaises directly with client representative on-site. As team leaders Data Engineers are responsible for the wellbeing and cohesion of the unit team.
The primary duties of a Data Engineer consist of:
  • To be responsible for the creation, interpretation and submittal of all reports and logs.
  • To report feedback on drilling activity to all necessary channels onsite.
  • To be the first contact point for the client. Therefore it is very important to establish and maintain a good working relationship.
  • To provide maintenance and on-site technical support in case of equipment failure.
  • To have a pro active attitude towards the health and safety aspect of the job.
  • To inform all necessary channels onsite in case of emergency or detection of possible dangerous occurrence.
  • To attend daily meetings and providing the client with daily reports.
  • To manage and train all employees in the unit.
The requirements:
  • You have 12-24 months international work experience as a Mud Logger / Data Engineer.
  • You are a team player.
  • You possess strong technical and computer skills.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Willing and able to travel extensively all over the world.
To apply for a Mud Logging or Data Engineer position with GEOLOG please submit a brief cover letter stating your interest and why you believe you would be a good candidate to join GEOLOG, along with an updated copy of your CV in English.

"I started working as a Mud logger and after a short time I was promoted to Data Engineer and then to Pressure Specialist. I lived and worked in Europe, South East Asia and the Caribbean, then after 7 years in the field I had a great opportunity to further my career with the opportunity to move from the field to an office based position are as Operations Manager, first in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa before moving on to corporate roles in Houston, Milan, Amsterdam and now in Dubai"

Corporate Positions

A number of administrative, financial, technical and production roles are also available at GEOLOG. These tend to be more focused in GEOLOG ́s principal corporate offices in Dubai and Milan, however, as GEOLOG expands into new markets and opens new offices, a number of positions may also be available in our regional and local bases.

To enquire on these positions please submit a brief cover letter stating your area of expertise along with an updated copy of your CV in English.
Please, review our current open positions here