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Abdelkrim, Trainer
Hello, my name is Abdelkrim, I joined GEOLOG in 2007 and I still remember my first day at the rig site working as a Mud Logger, when I was still a “green” engineer. After working hard and proving my abilities, I was rewarded with a promotion to Data Engineer and then to Unit Manager. I worked for six years in that position between Algeria and Tunisia. During which, I gained great experience and learned a lot from experienced professionals in the field. Thereafter, I was promoted to instructor in Algeria and in Milan, providing training for our personnel and clients. During this period, I was involved also with the production department which was a good opportunity to learn and to follow the full process of building a Mud Logging Unit from the sell upwards.
Based on my performance, GEOLOG offered me the opportunity to work as Technical Operation Manager in South America to support the various countries in the region.
It was a very challenging experience working and living very far away from home, but in fact, it was an enjoyable time and I loved every moment of it.
In the last two years, I travelled all over the world proving training to our personnel and clients in Milan, The Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, China and Algeria. In the last year, I also worked as DrillBest specialist for Total in Congo.
During these 10 years with GEOLOG, I have always been challenged with new cases, scenarios and experiences. My work always taught me something new and many beneficial things, especially to always have an open mind, willingness to work in any type of environment and to adapt to any new work place.
I never felt bored, there was always something to learn, especially with a new technology, new services and mainly when knowing that GEOLOG is continuously and heavily investing in R&D, giving us the opportunity to grow inside the company.
I am very proud, grateful and happy to be part of GEOLOG family!