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Enhance your professional skills and achieve your goals

Experienced Professionals

If you already have experience in Mud Logging and would like to advance your career in the Oil industry, look no further.

GEOLOG is always looking to source exceptional, experienced personnel to help drive the company forward.

If you are an experienced Data Engineer, Field Specialist, Business Development, Operations or R&D please check our current open positions or simply upload your recent CV and details here.

Employee Testimonials

See what our employees have to say about their experiences at GEOLOG

Abdelkrim Boughias
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Emmeline Antero
Formation Evaluation Specialist
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Victor Nunes
Operations Manager
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Lucian Vasile Olteanu
Confirmed Data Engineer
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Feroz Khan
Operations Manager
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Narotham Reddy
Junior Data Engineer
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Arivalagan Dhanaraj
Senior Data Engineer
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Amit Rajput
Data Engineer
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