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Rezki, Data Engineer
I am Rezki from Algeria. Just a few months after my graduation in Geology, I had the opportunity to join GEOLOG as a Mud Logger when the company had just started activity in Algeria. Looking back at my career path, I can say that I assisted the big technology evolution made by GEOLOG with the upgrade of Operating Systems and introduction of new Advanced Services, as well as helped the company grow around the world.
After less than a year of experience with GEOLOG, due to the increased activity, the company gave me the chance to work as a Data Engineer, and later as Unit Manager. Over the years, I gained a lot of experience in oil field operations and Mudlogging in different countries such as Algeria, Libya, Tanzania, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.
One of the things that I like most about GEOLOG is its family spirit. There is a very good interaction between all the employees who are willing to provide the best service for GEOLOG clients. The company provides a very good work environment, shift rotation, and the latest technology and tools for its services. Employees have the opportunity to work in different countries over the world. I can’t forget to thank my colleagues whom I have worked with since the first day inside GEOLOG. Thank you for your help and support!