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As much as 25% of drilling Non Productive Time (NPT) is Pore Pressure Fracture Gradient related

GEOLOG offers a tiered approach to pore pressure services to cover a broad spectrum of customer requirements. At the introductory level, mud logging crews can offer a basic level of reporting including, but not limited to parameters such as ROP, DXC, Weight on Hook, Gas Analysis, Cavings, Cuttings Character and Flowline Temperature for any project. Advanced Pore Pressure evaluation can be offered through our partnership with Quad Operations Ltd/QO Inc.
Quad Operations Ltd/QO Inc. works with customers worldwide to develop pre-drill pore pressure and fracture gradient models for each well using available petrophysical logs, seismic and geological data. Their expert cross disciplinary team of pore pressure professionals leverage this experience to identify drilling hazards, wellbore stability challenges and pore pressure fracture gradients either at the wellsite or in a remote customer office location in Real-Time. By offering a complete integrated package from the planning stages, continuity through the drilling phases and all the way to the post drill development of lessons learned for future projects, Quad can help deliver the well with minimal NPT.

  • Operational continuity from predrill all the way to post drill
  • Mitigate risks in Real-Time
  • Reduce drilling downtime
  • Integrated with customer well delivery team for improved communication
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Drilling environments continue to increase in complexity. This often requires formation pressure evaluation without the cost of time consuming quantitative evaluation of direct pressure measurements, and prediction of pressures ahead of the bit to maintain a safe drilling environment.
GEOLOG and Quad’s pore pressure specialists can work closely with our customers to deliver accurate pore pressure data, provide analysis of a variety of  pre-defined data sets and where  applicable monitor actual drilling results against an existing pre-drill  model to provide confirmation of the model or to alert to a possible deviation from the model.  Through real-time monitoring our specialists are able to mitigate drilling hazards and reduce NPT by navigating the sometime narrow window between fracture and pore pressure gradients, dramatically reducing costs for provisional casing string runs, stuck pipe, differential sticking of downhole tools, unexpected losses and  other  formation pressure related events.


The GeoPressure service can be applied in a tiered structure and is applicable to all exploration, appraisal, and development wells in both onshore and offshore environments where abnormal pressures may be anticipated. It can be applied as  a predictive element on managed  pressure operations or provide confirmation within development fields that pressure regimes are as predicted. It is especially useful for wells where a narrow window between pore & fracture pressures exists and the success of drilling  requires optimal drilling.