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Company Overview

From its origins in Milan, Italy (where it maintains all manufacturing and R&D), GEOLOG has grown to become the world’s leading independent surface logging services provider. For over 35 years GEOLOG has pioneered the provision of technological solutions that identify hazards, reduce risk and characterize rocks and fluids at the wellsite delivering reservoir and source interpretations in real-time.
We combine our continued investment in R&D, recognized through numerous patents and industry publications, with highly qualified, competent and experienced personnel. As a trusted partner with a track record in 45 countries, our expertise includes Deep to Ultra-Deep Water, HP/HT, Extended Reach Drilling, Unconventional and Geothermal operations.

Products and services

Our products and services are centered
on 3 key industry requirements.

GEOLOG International (“GEOLOG”) is a leading global oilfield services company that provides surface logging services to a substantial and diversified client base. Founded in 1982 in Milan, Italy, the firm maintains offices in most major oil producing countries. GEOLOG operates at the forefront of technology and its services are focused on the optimization of the overall drilling process and reduction in costs of each well in addition to the acquisition of quality data for formation characterization.

GEOLOG services national and international oil companies and integrated service providers, both onshore and offshore across more than 45 countries and is presently involved in exploration, development, deep and ultra deep water offshore, HP/HT, geothermal and unconventional reservoir wells. GEOLOG’ s significant growth since its inception 35 years ago is to be attributed to, amongst others, its technological leadership in surface logging and its strong focus on proprietary research and development. As such, GEOLOG invests heavily in R&D (up to 5% of annual turnover) with a target to produce a new patent, on average, every six months.

In line with its strategy to be the leading global supplier of choice, GEOLOG is already a leading supplier for highly technological surface logging services to the energy industry, where its leadership and innovation is recognized to bring value and reduce drilling costs. These projects typically include deep-water, HP-HT operations, horizontal/extended reach and / or extensive development drilling as well as drilling in areas with complex reservoirs. In particular, GEOLOG is now a world leader in hydrocarbon characterization through its gas extraction, analysis and interpretation from drilling mud thanks to its advanced technologies in integrated rock and fluid characterization.

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Vision, strategy, goals.

To respect and improve the highest safety
and environmental standards