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The GEOLOG Crew was highly efficient and proactive, playing a critical part in ExxonMobil’s success in Guyana with ZERO LTI, over 294,318 Man-hours, and significant contributions to our commitment to protecting people and the environment.

Wells Operations Superintendent

On behalf of the drilling team, thanks for the excellent performance and support from GFEOLOG.
Well done!

Head of Drilling & Wells

Thank you to GEOLOG México for their good DRILLCLEAN service on CHAYA-1001EXP well for PEMEX.

DRILLCLEAN results were almost identical to the Caliper log, with only a 1% difference.

Onshore Exploration Geological Coordinator

We express appreciation for GEOLOG's excellent services, safety standards, and data quality during the drilling campaign in the Gulf of Mexico. The GEOLOG crew was efficient, proactive, and gave the Murphy operations team valuable insights. The logged data and information provided were of superior quality and helped in better evaluations and interpretations.

Senior Staff Drilling Engineer

The KOC team would like to acknowledge the high level of service while using DrillClean service. This technique allowed us to continuously and quantitatively monitor the borehole cleaning in real time. The hole size measured by DrillClean service in 6” hole almost matches the caliper log.

KOC Drilling Supervisor

Eni Tunisia well appreciates GEOLOG for the successful accomplishment of HP/HT exploration well. GEOLOG team showed professionalism during the whole well construction process by providing a high-quality mudlogging service, complying with HSE standards, and maintaining excellent records.

ENI Senior Drilling Supervisor

Engineers’ competency with gas data interpretation and quality of data gave the client an excellent input in the interruption of drilling of a phase with entry into the top reservoir, allowing to meet the drilling plan and reduce the risks associated with the exposure of a long stretch with potential significance for loss of circulation.

Petrobras Senior Geologist

… Identifying 4 bbls influx on a floating vessel is highly impressive and is an example of the alertness, professionalism, and commitment.. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!

Wells Manager, Exxon Mobil

GEOLOG crew became a valuable member of the team providing reliable and timely data and working safely and efficiently. They were very vigilant and showed an excellent attitude during the project.
Saudi Aramco project representative was extremely satisfied with the service and highly recom­mended GEOLOG in the complex well project.

Senior Drilling Supervisor, Saudi Aramco

New Tech Services would like to express gratitude for the quality services provided by GEOLOG International during wells construction.
Despite restrictions GEOLOG has kept professionalism, in­volvement and demonstrated technical proficiency and commitment to operational excel­lence in the provision of geological services.

General Director, New Tech Services

GEOLOG achieved more than 12 years of operations incident-free. GEOLOG understands that safety is a core value in NOC oper­ations, following all required safety instructions, policies, and procedures.
NOC wishes to appraise the advanced gas and cuttings services developed on Al-Sha­heen, improving detection and analysis of oil properties using high-quality data acqui­sition.

Reservoir & Geosciences, North Oil

With these Advanced Surface Logging technologies and techniques, and the experience and collaboration of the GEOLOG and GEOTech team, we were able to better understand the reservoir targets for reservoir quality, predict the impact on Completions and Frac stimulations and plan effectively for future drilling and completions in the area.

President & CEO, Sponte Operating

The services provided were efficient, reliable, and of high quality. Work was carried out in a safe manner and with co-operative attitude. The Gas Equipment TG + CHR and CVD is of excellent quality and technology. Also complied with COVID-19 rules and procedures by safely maintaining the rig site.

Geological Operation Engineer, Hokchi energy

...results from the XRD analysis have aided us in better understanding and constraining our target selection within Louisiana Haynesville. The communication between GEOLOG and bpx operations personnel,  consideration of safety as a top priority and collaboration with office-based bpx Geologists has been nothing but professional.

Geologist, Bpx

The crews provided have been of a high standard and GEOLOG have attempted to maintain consistent crews on the rig despite the COVID-19 pandemic…GEOLOG Company met high international standards; it is a pleasure to collaborate with such a company in order to reach PTTEP expectations.

Senior Company Man, PTTEP

May we take this opportunity to thank all GEOLOG crew…GEOLOG personnel have shown a high-quality job…with respect of QHSE procedures both in the field and in the office were very vigilant and shown an excellent attitude. The unit proved to be very well equipped, ensuring good service quality.

Head of the Geology department, GBRS

GEOLOG’s team effort and support for Schlumberger operations in a safe and efficient manner are highly appreciated. We express our gratitude towards the support and excellent services during the successful completion of deep wells in a highly complex tectonic field.

Wellsite Leader, Schlumberger

Despite restrictions in place due to COVID pandemic GEOLOG team has kept professionalism, involvement and demonstrated both technical proficiency and commitment to operational excellence in provision of Mudlogging services and Remote Monitoring…Good Job.

Head of Operations, Sakhalin Energy

GEOLOG crews have been of high standard…They demonstrated a high degree of competence and are clearly well trained. I was very pleased to work with this company. The personnel I have worked with have helped make this service efficient by responding to our needs.

Wellsite Geologist, PTTEP

GEOLOG Mexico’s integrity, professionalism and strong will to continue to improve and provide the best service for Petronas positively impacted successful delivery of quality subsurface data.

Operations Geologist, Petronas

We thank you all for the efforts and sacrifices made during the challenging Covid situation. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Senior Operations Geologist, TOTAL

GEOLOG’s advanced surface logging services enabled KOC to optimise well placement, maximising production in a challenging reservoir. GEOLOG’s approach to Geosteering used surface logging integrated with LWD in a real-time application: the method gave clear bed definition (LWD is often characterless) and can work without LWD.

Team Leader Exploration Operations, KOC

“Excellent services despite challenges during COVID-19..... remote monitoring was done in an excellent manner.”

Geological Operations Manager, Petronas

Despite the difficult time due to COVID…Total Geological team really thanks the mudlogging crew for their effort and participation to finalise the drilling operation in a safe manner. Especially those who have spent more than 2 months offshore away from their families.

Lebanon Operations Geologist, TOTAL

GEOLOG’s G8 service for measuring hydrocarbons and aromatics from C1–nC8 has proven very useful for the Reservoir Engineering and Petrophysics teams... it has helped reduce ambiguity around fluid characteristics and contacts in the well, improving confidence in the petrophysical interpretations.

Senior Operations Geologist, Oil Search

GEOLOG were an outstanding contribution…your presence was always accompanied by a smile and your communication style was respectful. I recommend your services wholeheartedly and would like to think we will team up again…

Performance Leader, Tullow Oil Limited

Thanks to GEOLOG's Advanced logging services, we were able to identify the reservoir targets of interest, predict gas maturity, vertical seals, potential migration trends and understand water saturation in specific zones of interest.

Chief Geologist, SM Energy

GEOLOG provided a biostratigrapher to analyze a cretaceous section of our recently drilled well… in a timely and professional manner using bulk cutting returns from which they made thin sections.

Operations Geology Team Leader, Gulf Keystone

GEOLOG team demonstrated both technical proficiency and commitment to operational excellence in the rig up and operations …. providing the highest quality of service while showing excellent HSE commitment and attitude.

Senior Geology Specialist, Lukoil

We’d like to express our appreciation and satisfaction for the quality of the job … proficiency & onshore management support ensured a good start and conducted an exceptional quality of the services. …GEOLOG as being a key role player.

Senior Operations Geologist, Petronas

Saving Significant NPT and Well Complication for KOC with GEOLOG’S KickAlarm Service...allowed us to detect early kick and shut the well on time to help us control and kill the well, Saving Significant NPT and Well Complication.

Drill Site Manager, Kuwait Oil Company

We’d like to express our appreciation and satisfaction for the quality of the job provided by GEOLOG team in the Integrated Well Centre (Real-Time Support Centre).  

Integrated Well Centre Manager, Repsol

Your Geofrac interpretation shows an excellent correlation with our petrophysical data and appears to be the only definitive indicator of fluid losses to the formation…the ability to do this in real time has significant benefits…

Chief Executive Officer, Hurricane

Please share our sincerest “Thanks!” and “Way to go!” to the team for being so watchful and responsive. We’re so grateful for their contributions to the drilling program!!!

Operations Geologist, Equatorial Guinea

GEOLOG representatives are clear professional role models…TOTAL’s major risk is Well Control and Blow Outs and a major risk mitigation is GEOLOG’s high quality service 24/7 every day all year round.

Drilling & Wells Manager, TOTAL E&P

GEOLOG has superior technologies that are helpful for drilling and production evaluation. The G8 advanced mud gas logging is very useful in anticipating hydrocarbon saturation and porosity trends in laterals. We also appreciate the field test of the OilQuant evaluation of the Oil quantity in the cuttings and GeoRox XRF analysis...

Geologist, Lime Rock Resources

… jobs with your crew were some of the best executed...The advanced mud gas cuttings geochemistry services we ran, as well as the DrillClean service, have proven to be very useful. We have utilized the work in a variety of evaluations.

Geologist, Southwestern Energy

We found the advanced gas interpretation study very promising mainly due to the fact that the derived curves can be correlated with the main petrophysical parameters...

Exploration Department, Wintershall Noordzee B.V.

The utilization of G5 and G8 services is providing the measurement of the full spectrum of hydrocarbon species up to C8, which allows a better characterization of the reservoir in terms of fluid identification.

Geological & Geophysical Operations Manager

GEOLOG provides high quality services in all aspects of the surface logging including drilling operation monitoring, reporting, gas detection, loss detection, formation tops and geological sample evaluation.

Senior Drilling Supervisor, Eni

We would like to congratulate GEOLOG team for their exceptional performance that can only be achieved when every member of the team is determined to deliver excellence and is personally committed to achieving the highest of standards.

Operations Geologist, Tullow

GEOLOG had provided top quality Mudlogging and Real-time Pore Pressure Prediction services for PETRONAS Carigali over the past year.

Operations/Wellsite Geologist, Petronas

Petrobras appreciates that the GEOLOG crew provided 142 STOP cards, monitored the wells efficiently, detected and reported all the Pit Drills effectively...It is also appreciated the support provided by the Operations and Sales team for efficient communications, logistics support and responsible response when challenges were presented.

Drilling Engineering, Petrobras

…both onshore and offshore we have seen a high professional standard with key GEOLOG personnel joining the Culzean “one team” approach. The dedication of your personnel to the task has demonstrated the real value of “service delivery” rather than simply supplying services. This has allowed us to make quicker and better quality decisions.

Well Delivery Team Lead, Total

Maersk appreciates the efforts put in by GEOLOG’s crew including the addition of the GeoIsotope Gas acquisition and annulus monitoring. The proactive response from GEOLOG’s gas specialist during the first incidence of gas evaluation is to be commended and is a good example of high level of service from GEOLOG.

Subsurface Manager Culzean Project, Maersk Oil

“Thank you all for your outstanding support and effort in solving this interface issue between the drilling data system and the mudlogging equipment…you have shown that dedication and perseverance will prevail..”

Drilling Superintendent, Santos

“We found significant value in running the advanced mud gas and cuttings geochemistry services such as G8 and GeoIsotopes. The data has proven useful for our composite reservoir fluid and petrophysical characterization”

Petrophysicist, BHP Billiton

Your contributions were vital for ensuring the strength and integrity of our 9-5/8” casing shoes by consistent recognition of the top salt. On multiple occasions your understanding of the cuttings has helped us improve the drilling performance…

Senior Production and Operations Geologist, Shell

“…the challenging rig up was achieved with proficiency and conducted to a good start of the operations of the well…the team has shown a good cooperation and high skill when facing unusual technical challenges (i.e. computing the correct lag time with the jet stream technology)”

Head of Subsurface Dpt., Total

The service provided was efficient and reliable. Wellcoms web-based real-time data transmission system, with customizable configuration, allowed us to access to all needed parameters in due time supporting the decision making process

Geology Operations Manager, Eni

GEOLOG is consistently the best mud logging service I have worked with!

Senior Lead Drilling Superintendent, Exxon Mobil

GEOLOG and JO personnel worked together to build a model for formation fluid in the vertical and lateral section using G8 and G9+. The technique allowed us to understand the variation of fluid characteristics in the lateral section where no downhole fluid tools were available.

Senior Geologist, Saudi Arabian Chevron Inc,- Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (K.S.C.)

You rock! The meeting today and your data handling and analyses were extremely good. I am impressed. Thank you very much for that

Principal Geologist, Statoil

Another example of fine performance from GEOLOG crews, who over the past 2,5 years have provided a reliably excellent service and have become important members of the Tullow team.

Operations Geologist, Tullow

Services were performed without any interruption of data collection, high quality presentation and displays were delivered by a very professional crew of Data Engineers and Mud Loggers.

Operation Geologist, CEPSA

Job well done. All GEOLOG team members on board are valued team members and a pleasure to work with.

Lead Drilling Supervisor, Exxon Mobil

Efficient service…cooperative attitude of personnel with strong adherence to safety regulations with an excellent follow up and efficient base support.

Operations Geologist, REPSOL

…G8 (DualFidStar)TM… can contribute to an overall cost savings…through this new evaluation service, we can optimize our formation evaluation budget through the reduction of other data acquisition services.

Operation Geologist, OMV (Norge) AS

…excellent job to identify unexpected HC zones. Good and Fast reaction from Geolog to inform the Asset Team and the GnG team in the office which bring the attention to the team of the new discovery. It resulted in possible future appraisal opportunities.

G&G Operations Geologist, Chevron

…derived curves can be correlated with the main petrophysical parameters… allowing us to optimize our formation evaluation budget.

Exploration Department, Wintershall Noordzee B.V.

This crew continuous do a great job, even in the interval, when we were not drilling, the GEOLOG team stayed active and engaged. The crew is open to communications which is very helpful.

Well Site Geologist, Exxon Mobil

The use of the Gas Distribution System enables fast and accurate understanding of any problems that might occur with the retrieval of the Gas sample from the circulating fluid. Any high gas peaks can be both tested by the Dual FID and FID Gas Detector…

Well-site Geologist, BP

Thank you for your Geofrac interpretation which is showing an excellent correlation with our petrophysical data and appears to be the only definitive indicator of fluid losses to the formation…..

Chief Executive Officer, Hurricane Energy

The Real-Time Data Transmission System “Wellcoms” presents with its flexibility and friendly use interface an excellent tool for TEPI to monitor and take necessary decision at the right time, remotely.

Head of Subsurface Department, Total

We would like to thank GEOLOG and dedicated crew for the great job you have been doing in well UN-62, more specifically related to the data we received from your KickAlarm service through Coriolis sensor. Your hard work and dedication has really helped us during a challenging drilling operation.

Drill Site Manager, Kuwait Oil Company

We are very pleased with GEOLOG crew on board Noble Sam Turner in all aspects of their service, work behavior attitude and safety performance. Data engineers and mud loggers are very experienced and efficient.

Operations Geologist, Maersk Oil

We take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to GEOLOG for their exceptional performance this year to date…your team demonstrated both technical proficiency and commitment to operational excellence in the rig.

Geological & Geophysical Operations Coordinator, Chevron

We particularly appreciate the Dual Fid performances in terms of reliability and accuracy as fast gas chain, improving our HSE confidence and the reservoir interpretation.

Operation Geology Team Leader, Eni

GEOLOG Dual FID has performed 100% throughout the drilling of the wells. It provides accurate and fast determination of the Total Gas Percentages, as well as the ppm accuracy for the gas breakdowns - from C1 to Nc5.

Well-site Geologist, BP

GEOLOG team provided the required services successfully. Their contribution to Sinop-1 Well Exploration Project has been much appreciated.

Project Coordinator, Petrobras

The performance of the GEOLOG crew on the recent drilling campaign has been exemplary. They made a positive contribution to the safety of the operation…

Drilling Supervisor, Total

The equipment worked very fine, especially Dual FID Star and Coriolis sensor which help us to find early Kick detection, which save our time during drilling.

Drilling Supervisor, Kuwait Oil Company

GEOLOG Web-based Real Time Data Transmission allowed us to constantly follow up operations and supported the decision making, especially during the critical phases.

Well Operations Manager, Eni

We appreciate their expert knowledge, professional attitude and commitment in support of drilling operations. GEOLOG has demonstrated its technical capability in all aspects of mudlogging, and we are especially impressed with the data quality from the Advance Gas Extraction and Analysis system.

Geological Advisor, Chevron

GEOLOG showed reliability providing an efficient service along with skilled and experienced operators and a cooperative attitude of personnel with strong adherence to safety regulations on site...

Senior Drilling Supervisor, CEPSA

We look forward to have the same good performance, high standards quality of service and professionalism for all the future jobs.

Development Manager, Repsol

The GeoIsotope and Heavy Gas data collected were useful for the whole operations and studies in order to better understand the complicated Wildcat environment.

Operation Geology Team Leader, Eni

We are very pleased about performance of the 9 site geologists provided by GEOLOG...excellent qualification, strong communication skills and very good professional interaction with our specialists and contractors.

Project Manager, VICO Indonesia

GEOLOG has demonstrated its high technology capabilities in all aspects of the Surface Logging including Drilling Operation Monitoring, Formation Tops, Gas Detection and Geological Sample Evaluation.

Senior Operation Geologist, Perenco

They have been very active in good communication...we highly appreciate their excellent performance and their team work.

Drilling Supervisor, Total

GEOLOG Wellcoms transmission service permitted to follow closely drilling operations. GEOLOG with their good HSE record contributed positively to maintain zero incident performance at the well.

Well-site Geologist, Anadarko

We hope that such professional attitude is maintained for all future projects and the GEOLOG Team will continue to perform at this high level.

Team Leader Geological Well-Site Operation, Cairn

…their interest in the safety of the employees, the facilities and protection of the environment and their accuracy and reliability about the data delivered demonstrated a high level of concern for both drilling and safety.

Drilling Supervisor, Shell

The advanced gas service provided by GEOLOG add values to the Asset Team to narrow down uncertainties in fluid interpretation related to complexity and heterogeneity. The integration with real-time mudlogging and LWD data helps minimize the need for wireline fluid sampling with the consequent reduction of the costs involved.

Geological & Geophysical Manager, Chevron

GEOLOG’s advanced mudlogging services stood head and shoulders above the rest…They provided some of the best data from cuttings and gas analysis that Trey has ever worked with.

Geologist, Trey Resources, Inc.

GEOLOG Argentina provided an outstanding work detecting all the influences, as well as of all the situations of risk during the operation. They also showed proactivity and predisposition to continuous improvement.

Geologist - Tecpetrol

GEOLOG provided trial for heavy gas analysis C1-C8 (Gas Analyzer “DualFidStar”), which has been successfully used. This will be highly recommended for exploration/appraisal projects.

Drilling Services - Petrofac

The DrillClean data interpretation and reports helped the team to clearly understand and quantify the impact of drilling/hydraulic parameter variation on borehole cleaning capabilities.

Senior Well Engineer, Shell

We express our gratitude to GEOLOG crew for their contribution in the drilling, geology and HSE issues in all the operations of the well and their interest in the safety of the employees.

WSG, Perenco Cameroon

GEOLOG operated efficiently in extreme weather conditions with exhaustive control of flow through flowmeter in/out and proper processing of the cuts for petrographic description.

Drilling Manager, Enel Chile

We highly appreciate the opportunity to test your advanced gas logging technology. The test demonstrated that your advanced chromatography is a powerful tool that with the excellent level of expert support you provided can help us achieve these goals in the future.

Head of Geosciences and well delivery, Shell Gabon

Advanced Gas Monitoring was utilized during the project in Danish sector of North Sea to help to answer critical questions as well as to reduce the level of certainties…Technical skills and knowledge were valuable and added more confidence in final results and when the decisions have been made.

Petrophysicist, Maersk Oil

It was found that valuable inputs from GEOLOG’s dedicated services such as Advance Gas System (G8, GeoIsotopes), Elemental and Mineral Analysis (GeoRox) along with dedicated system for fracture analysis (GeoFracture) was a key to drill our wells efficiently and successfully.

Senior Geologist, Kuwait Oil Company

We are very pleased with the quality of services and the good performance by the GEOLOG team during operations of KB-2 well. The crew delivered outstanding quality of service during all drilling operations.

Senior Drilling Supervisor, ETAP

TOTAL E&P CONGO would like to congratulate GEOLOG Congo for the work done during the 2014-2018 Moho Deep Water Drilling campaign. This performance is the result of the great professionalism, permanent commitment and excellent team spirit that the team has built throughout the operations.

Drilling Manager, TOTAL E&P

We recognize the HSE attitude of all field personnel and their commitment to the safety rules and regulation (ZERO LTI) demonstrating, as well, a high contribution to the Rig STOP card system (average 16 Stop Card/day). GEOLOG achieved an outstanding efficiency of 100% No NPT recorded during the complete drilling program.

Head of Wellsite Geology Service, PERTAMINA