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Reservoir and Source Rock Evaluation Services

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Real-Time Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Pyrolysis in the field

GeoSource service provides wellsite geochemical analysis of reservoir and source rocks. GEOLOG specialists are then able to characterize the organic matter present in the rock for evaluation of the source rock potential, maturity and origin. GeoSource is unique because it provides TOC and Pyrolysis information in the field using GEOLOG designed and built, fit for purpose equipment.

  • Direct measurement of  TOC – unlike inferred wireline calculations
  • Rapid identification of sweet spots for enhanced completion design
  • Identify best source rock for horizontal well placement
  • Analytical process and data directly comparable with conventional lab results
  • Early analysis of Kerogen typing vs lab results
& Solutions

When faced with budget constraints, various formation evaluation services are often scrutinized such as coring, wireline, and mud logging. Which one provides the biggest value for your budget?

Reduced coring budgets lend themselves to the use of GeoSource where measurements of cuttings can provide direct measurements where wireline cannot and cores are unavailable. The result is a comprehensive evaluation of Total Organic Carbon, Tmax, S1, S2, and Hydrogen Index in near real-time.

Another challenge is obtaining these cuttings analyses more rapidly than lab results; to reduce overall project costs when securing rigs and services in remote areas.

GeoSource service is an ideal solution to replace or supplement the wellsite to lab workflow in these critical environments, ensuring samples stay in the region and quick analyses are provided for future drilling and completion plans without unnecessary rig delays.


GeoSource is ideal in unconventional plays for source rock characterization. The service is most suitable for onshore operations and compatible with water and oil based muds, and is cost effective for exploration, appraisal and development wells.

GeoSource is available in combination with other GEOLOG services or as a stand-alone service.

Determine organic richness and maturity of potential source rocks in the field.


Case History

$500,000 USD saved using GeoSource service

In this example, the client was drilling in an unconventional reservoir and utilized the GeoSource service to analyze in near Real-time the TOC on core chips.  Once the last core was on surface, and before running the next one, the GeoSource specialist informed the client that the TOC had decreased to near zero and that the shale was no longer organically rich from that point onwards. Therefore a critical decision was made to proceed drilling without coring and observe the TOC from cuttings alone.  This decision to interrupt the coring program and save valuable rig time accounted for more than $500,000 saved.


Figure 1. Comparison of TOC from cuttings vs. TOC from log calibrated wireline tool.  
TOC drop corresponded to changes in reservoir quality and coring operation was stopped. 

GeoSource TOC Pyrolysis
Measurements Total Organic Carbon S1, S2, Tmax, HI
Min sample Required 10mg 50mg
Analysis Time 40 min 60 min