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Well Data, Logs & Reports Available Anytime, Anywhere

Wellcoms is GEOLOG’s web based solution for real-time data transmission and log viewing. This web based service makes it possible to access all available rig data (MWD, LWD, Wireline, Cementing, etc) from virtually any computer and mobile device through a secure hosting server.  Wellcoms provides a complete spud to TD capture and visualization of the entire well operation in real-time.

  • GEOLOG is at location from Spud to TD to provide the most complete data set
  • Lithology descriptions are available in real-time
  • Real-time comments from well-site personnel are viewable on screen to better explain on going operations
  • Reduce real-time data transmission cost by combining MWD, LWD and Mud logging data onto one viewing platform
  • Remotely access data securely from any location with internet access
  • Access real-time, historical and cloud file storage
  • Secure access with web browser with no local storage of data on hard drive
  • Works on Low bandwidth – only 64kbps, therefore easy to deploy at rig sites
& Solutions

Viewing rich log data often requires the use of vendor specific software applications to experience the level of log detail required to make informed decisions. 

GEOLOG’s approach has been to create a rich user experience designed to be accessed through standard web browsers, requiring no software installation. Being based on HTML5 technology enables Wellcoms to be accessible from common mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Historically real-time data viewing has never provided clients the flexibility to customize their log viewing experience, view lithology and rig event data comments.

Wellcoms addresses these issues by having:

  • Individual user customized displays
  • Full lithology descriptions
  • Displayable rig event comments explaining data trend changes
  • Access to data from multiple wells concurrently

Wellcoms is cross-platform compatible for desktop computers over standard web browsers.  In addition, the service is also cross-platform for Tablets and Smartphones.

Data can be exported into LAS or CSV type of files for further analysis.
Wellcoms also has extensive capabilities for storing static files in customizable directories, allowing multiple users to have different access rights as required.

“GEOLOG Web-based Real-Time Data Transmission allowed us to constantly follow up operations and support the decision making, especially during the critical phases.”


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As shown in Figure 1, Wellcoms has a fully configurable user display, where the end user is able to chose their own curve scales, colours, column width, depth and time scales. The mobile device display provides the same level of customization you would expect from computer accessible web browsers.
Wellcoms provides a document manager to store and access multiple file types. Useful for storing and sharing images, videos, reports, and other industry file types for later use.

Figure 1. Wellcoms customizable display for desktop and mobile devices.

Figure 2. Document manager for accessing static files.

Figure 3. GEOLOG’s data management solutions are all certified compliant by Energistics.


SSL 1024-bit RSA

Data standard


Web browser compatibility

Cross Platform (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

Mobile Phone compatibility

Cross platform (Windows Phone, Android, Apple)