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GEOLOG’s lab and innovation activities have been spun off into a dedicated company/brand, GEOLOG TECHNOLOGIES (GEOTech), which operates in partnership with clients and academia. GEOTech utilises a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts and seeks, via collaboration with a wide range of partners in academia and industry, to leverage advances across a broad spectrum of technologies to create new paradigms for the Oil & Gas and Geothermal sectors. GEOTech strives to make today’s laboratory technologies the field services of the future.


GEOTech laboratory services are focused on helping clients to:

Examples of laboratory studies include:

Oil-Oil and Oil-Source rock correlations

· Biomarkers studies on oil and extacts
· Isotopic analyses (GC-IRMS)
Source rock characterization and maturity assessment

· Pyrolysis
· Vitrinite reflectance
· Fluid inclusions
Gas characterization

· Complete chemical analyses, including contaminant gases
· Carbon and deuterium isotopic analyses
· Gas - oil correlations
· Head space analyses
· Residual gas (gas still present in cuttings)
Rock analyses and characterization

· XRD diffraction for mineralogical analyses
· XRF chemical analyses for major, minor and trace elements
· SEM studies

Innovation & Research

GEOTech recognises that ongoing advances in analytical techniques will have a fundamental impact upon the future of decision making within the oil, gas and geothermal industries: enabling multiple high-density data sets generated at the rigsite to replace the high-cost limited data sets previously utilised post-drilling. The availability of enhanced accuracy analysis of samples using technologies formerly restricted to laboratory environments will reinforce this trend, fusing geochemistry with mudlogging formation evaluation to produce new methods of understanding formations in real-time.

As such, GEOTech’s innovation and research are focused to:

Example of data integration in reservoir characterization

Cumulative number of patents through time



GEOTech utilises a multidisciplinary group of very young and motivated professionals with PhDs/Masters drawn from a range of academic and industry backgrounds supervised by technical managers with long experience in Oil companies.


The laboratory seeks, via collaboration with a wide range of partners in academia and industry, to leverage advances across a broad spectrum of technologies to create new paradigms for the petroleum and geothermal sectors.

GEOTech actively seeks to collaborate with the industry on new projects to drive forward the state of the art in geochemical and physical techniques. Recent projects include the following partners:

GEOTech is also carrying forward research projects with a number of leading academic institutions and industry partners, including:


Based inside the innovation hub “Fondazione Filarete”, the research incubator facility of the University of Milan (Universita’ Statale di Milano), GEOTech is ideally situated to leverage exposure to multiple fields of advanced technology research to enable the development of novel solutions to the challenges of the oil, gas and geothermal industries.

In addition to the Milan Research Laboratory, GEOTech also has satellite operational laboratories in Houston, USA, Neuquén, Argentina and Doha, Qatar.

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