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Technology Innovation @ GEOLOG
Continuous investment in R&D

  • Widespread culture of innovation at all Company levels
  • Continuous efforts to improve our technologies
  • Significant investments in Research and Development (5% of revenue)

The continuous improvement of our technologies and our technical capabilities is a common target pursued by all at GEOLOG. Innovation is part of GEOLOG’s DNA as shown by the important results and solutions developed and achieved year after year. At GEOLOG, we believe our development is never complete and we therefore continuously strive towards the improvement of our systems, equipment and processes. We usually develop our innovations in response to our clients’ needs, working together, testing at site and analyzing results, but increasingly, we try to anticipate clients’ needs and future technological challenges, working at introducing innovative solutions independently.

Reliability and accuracy of the whole process strictly depends on quality and validation of each step.

Approach to Research and Development

  • To develop proprietary analytical instruments
  • Data integration and Interpretation
  • Competence and Multidisciplinary innovation
  • Cooperation with Oil Companies, Technology Providers and Universities

The majority of the sophisticated instrumentation, used in our mobile laboratories, has been developed in house and is the result of our internal innovation and development process. We have designed, tested and commercialized our instruments to guarantee the highest reliability and accuracy associated with easy and fast maintenance.

In our daily activities we acquire a huge amount of data and our aim is to extract the maximum value from this for our Clients. Data analysis, integration and accurate interpretation are the key drivers of our technological innovation process. Thanks to this activity, we are no longer merely a data provider, but as a partner able to actively support our Clients in the making of key decisions in a timely and efficient manner.

Our team comprises geologists, petrophysicists, physicists, chemists, mechanical, electronic and robotic engineers from a wide variety of educational and cultural backgrounds. The complexity of our solutions requires many different competences and skills, for this reason, GEOLOG has developed a group of highly skilled professionals with different backgrounds to nurture a multidisciplinary approach.

At the same time, we are working together with clients to solve specific issues, with different technological partners particularly qualified in key technological areas and we are actively collaborating with Universities by means of Masters and Doctoral theses.
Example of data integration in reservoir characterization

Recent R&D Results

GEOLOG has achieved significant innovative results over its 35 year history. Some results achieved in recent years include:
  • First company to run full spectrum (C1-C3) of real time isotopic analyses at well site
  • First company to run thermal extraction-Gas Chromatography (G9+) at well site
  • Unique Company to entirely build its units operating at well site
  • Technology for characterization of fractured reservoirs by using mud delta flow
  • First company to deliver a near real-time drill bit-wear monitoring service
  • Patent portfolio continuously increasing

Research activities have always been very prolific and effective, contributing to improve our existing services or establishing new technologies and services. The time from product inception to commercialization is very short, thanks to the collaboration with our Clients, offering us the opportunity to quickly test products and compare the results against those obtained in the laboratory. Thanks to the successes achieved, Geolog has become a technological leader in the field of surface logging, pioneering new technologies at well site.
Cumulative number of patents through time

Innovation Focus

Main targets of innovation activity are to dynamically support our Clients with:
  • Cost reduction in each phase of upstream activity
  • Reducing time from discovery to first oil/gas/energy production
  • Reducing risk by sharply decreasing uncertainties in all data, analyses and interpretations

The consequent technical targets we pursue are:
  • Reduction of Non Productive Time
  • Well Construction Optimization
  • Integrated Reservoir Characterization (rock + fluids)
  • Contaminant Gas origin and distribution in reservoir
  • Safety, Health and Environmental protection