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Real-Time Early Kick & Mud Loss Detection Service

Monitoring of the mud flow IN and OUT, mud density, and temperature are key features that help operators determine when and how to intervene during well operations. Through the use of rig feasibility studies GEOLOG is able to provide the optimal well control configuration required in challenging operating environments. KickAlarm service provides clients with a dedicated crew, equipment and software used to monitor and prevent well control incidents.  


  • Early intervention on mud influx and losses in real-time
  • Minimizing non productive time (NPT)
  • Clear real-time alerts for Driller, Company Man, and Toolpusher for swift decision making
  • Accurate, continuous real-time density and temperature assessment on mud flow out
  • Real-time pore gradient and Equivalent Circulating Density monitoring
  • “What If” scenarios can be run to simulate how mud property changes affect the gradient
  • Monitor and prevent fishing operations of bottom hole assembly due to wash outs
& Solutions
  • Accurate, quantitative and reliable flow (IN and OUT) monitoring in real-time to make informed decisions
  • Avoid unplanned gains and losses in narrow mud weight margin drilling environments
  • GEOLOG personnel monitor flow IN and OUT utilizing highly accurate Electromagnetic and Coriolis flowmeters in real-time, allowing drillers to make informed decisions
  • In Near balance conditions KickAlarm can monitor small changes in mud flows which is critical when operating in narrow margins, preventing NPT
  • KickAlarm provides a complete service of monitoring and evaluating high risk well operations

KickAlarm can be deployed onshore and offshore for monitoring critical wells with oil based and water based muds.  Minor flow fluctuations as low as 10 l/min can be detected with this service.

This service can also be used to detect wash out events in real-time, helping to prevent down hole fishing operations.

KickAlarm has been effectively deployed on more than 200 wells in 30 countries around the world, onshore and offshore, including Brazil, Algeria, Italy, Russia, Norway, South Africa, Angola and France.

“I’ve particularly appreciated the accuracy and reliability of GEOLOG mud flow monitoring and Early Kick Detection on supporting drilling operations in terms of well control and safety.” 

Petrom - OMV Group

Case History

Rapid Identification of Fluid Influx Prevented Well Kick

A kick was identified using the KickAlarm service at event “A” (red curve spike). The field specialists were able to identify 0.16m3 of gains in a 35 second time interval.  As a result action was taken to mitigate the effects of this kick during the early stages.
Within 8 minutes the well was closed and a total gain of 1.54 m3 was recorded (B).  This rapid identification of a kick prevented further problems at the rig and minimized NPT.


Figure 1. KickAlarm display

Measured Variables Mass flow, Volume flowTemperature, Density
Flow rate range 0 to 4,500 l/min EM, 0 to 10,000 l/min Coriolis
Accuracy +/- 0.2 % EM,  +/- 0.1 % Coriolis


The Flow Loop Calibration Rig

GEOLOG has manufactured a Flow Loop Calibration Rig which enables the accurate calibration of Electromagnetic and Coriolis flow meters of different diameters. The in-house calibration is performed with the Master Meter Method.