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In line with our strategic vision, we continue to support remarkable charity initiatives worldwide.
The GEOLOG Foundation actively supports and promotes local charities, focusing on the education and quality of life of young children.

We pride ourselves on engaging and working together with local communities in the countries where we operate.

For the last few years GEOLOG has been supporting several non-profit organizations and schools by donating items such as books, desks, sports equipment and uniforms, and even a water truck in the case of Institute Don Bosco in Luanda, Angola.

GEOLOG managers and personnel are directly involved in all local charity and social activities, such organizing events, such as  organizing entertainment for children in hospitals and orphanages and visiting elderly people in hospices.

Funding UNICEF

We believe that investing in initiatives that advocate for education, health conditions and respect of children rights is a key element to build a better society in the future. Therefore, GEOLOG also funds programs that contribute to give better opportunities for children. In line with this, GEOLOG makes a yearly monetary contribution to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Focused on helping young children

We support local communities in the country where we operate

Recent contributions by GEOLOG Foundation


COVID-19 Aid (India), 2021

The GEOLOG Foundation continually contributes towards charitable causes, now more so than ever with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

India is currently experiencing an intense spike in COVID-19 cases which has led to a near-collapse of the public healthcare system, a rise to over 400,000 confirmed new daily cases and over 220,000 COVID-related deaths. With many GEOLOG staff native of India we have reached out to friends and charity workers operating in India and have selected the following charities and fund-raising organisations to which we have made monetary contributions.

Jakarta (Indonesia), 2021

GEOLOG’s corporate social responsibility program our Indonesia branch responded to the rapid weather changes that occur in the area. Jakarta City is experiencing increased rainfall in several areas which have resulted in major flooding. GEOLOG Indonesia worked with local government in the South Gandaria sub district to fulfill the need for rescue equipment essential in the rescue and evacuation process which include life jackets, ring buoys and megaphones to communities that were affected by flooding.

Prahova (Romania), 2019

GEOLOG Romania, in partnership with Steder Group, donated a significant amount of goods to a community in Valea Plopului, Prahova, Romania, with over 400 children and young people. Bunk and double beds, wardrobes, clothes dryer, fridge, kitchen table and chairs were some of the items provided. GEOLOG also donated a projector to a Neuropsychiatric Rehabilitation Centre in Giurgiu, which is home to people suffering from disability and health issues.

Luanda (Angola), 2019

For the last few years, GEOLOG has been supporting the Dom Bosco Institute in Angola, which has the mission of helping improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable children, adolescents and young people in Luanda creating actions that promote social reintegration. This time, GEOLOG helped the institute by purchasing material for agriculture and also by donating a minibus to transport the children to their schools.

Menongue (Angola), 2019

GEOLOG Angola organized a social initiative to support the Congregação Das Irmãs Beneditinas Missionárias De Tutzing (Congregation Of The Missionary Benedictine Sisters Of Tutzing) by donating a new multifunction photocopy device to their center in Kuando Kubango, located in Menongue city, southwest of Angola, 1.050 kilometers away from Luanda.. The action was hugely appreciated by the institution which focuses on bringing better education to young people and women.

Central Sulawesi (Indonesia), 2018

Recently, the cities of Palu and Donggala in Central Sulawesi (Indonesia), as well as the surrounding areas, were hammered by both a massive 7.5 earthquake and a 3-meter tall tsunami leaving more the 2,100 dead, 10,000 injured and at least 80,000 homeless. In support to those involved in the tragedy, GEOLOG Indonesia joined the Palang Merah Indonesia (“PMI” - Indonesian Red Cross) to help the families affected by the disasters by making an important donation to the institution.

Neuquén (Argentina), 2018

GEOLOG Argentina recently organized a great initiative to support the institution "Merendero Copa de Leche" in Neuquén. This year, our team provided all the construction material to help to build the institution in about 4 months, which nowadays can serve up to 50 meals a day to children who do not have regular access to food at home. The official opening of the venue was held in December with a special show and meals to entertain kids and parents. All GEOLOG Argentina employees also participated in the inauguration. This was one more social initiative organized by the GEOLOG Foundation that supports and promotes local communities in the countries where we operate.

Fraserburgh (Scotland), 2018

GEOLOG Foundation sponsored the Lizard Festival 2018, a music event held in the Tufted Duck Hotel, Fraserburgh, Scotland, with local/tribute bands playing a variety of music to raise money for charities and organizations such as Charlie House, St Combs toddlers and St Combs Over 50s.

Kuwait, 2018

GEOLOG Kuwait participated in an event organized by Kuwait Oil Company on the occasion of the World Environment Day 2018 with the theme "Beat Plastic Pollution”. Our team took the initiative to recycle from plastic bottles to pencil holders/plant bottles/thank you gifts, etc. The action was hugely appreciated by all and recognized by the client as the best initiative which encourages the reuse of plastic bottles that would have been discarded as a waste and impact the environment.

Dubai (UAE), 2018

GEOLOG UAE employees worked together to prepare around 100 gifts boxes containing basic items to donate to the needy families for Eid al-Fitr, a religious holiday that is celebrated by Muslims around the world. The boxes were distributed around diverse mosques in the UAE. This was one more social initiative organized by GEOLOG Foundation that supports and promotes local communities in the countries where we operate.

Georgetown (Guyana), 2017

Our Operations Manager in Guyana, Davide Del Bò, was honored to be the Santa Claus of St. Ann’s House, an orphanage with 34 kids situated in Georgetown. Davide had the pleasure to distribute gifts received from the local community. It was a touching and emotional experience!

Chiapas (México), 2017

In September 2017, an earthquake with epicenter occurred in the State of Chiapas, Mexico, with a magnitude of 8.2 degrees, leaving many homes, buildings, hospitals and schools destroyed. In support to those involved in the tragedy, GEOLOG Mexico joined Cruz Roja to donate food and meals.

Neuquén (Argentina), 2017

GEOLOG Argentina decided to welcome the Spring Season 2017 in a different way and prepared the “Fiesta de Primavera (Spring Party)” in Neuquén, Argentina, bringing food, clothes and some entertainment to kids living in Barrio 2 de Mayo, a poor suburb of Neuquén. We started in the morning by serving hot milk and chocolate to around 50 children coming from the surroundings. After that, we provided a comic and mime show where most of the kids were involved and enjoyed the performance. At the end, we did a lottery where every child won a prize and we finished by giving food to families (rice, flour, sugar, sweets).

Punta Arenas (Chile), 2016

GEOLOG Chile organized a social initiative in Punta Arenas with a local kindergarten called “Jardín Infantil Archipiélago de Chiloé”, hosting 104 kids from 8 months to 4 years old.

This type of public kindergarten does not receive sufficient resources to auto sustain and most of the families do not have enough resources to buy basic materials for the kids. For this reason, GEOLOG Chile decided to buy presents for the kindergarten and arrange a magic show for the kids.

The event was very successful: children were enthusiastic and teachers very pleased with the initiative!

Luanda (Angola), 2015

For the last few years GEOLOG has been supporting the Institute Don Bosco in Angola, that in Luanda provides schooling for over 8000 children. One of the major basic need problems the Institute faces on a daily basis is the access to a clean water supply.

Until few months ago the Institute was forced to purchase water from a local distributor and rent a water truck to deliver this. GEOLOG decided therefore to help build a sustainable solution by donating a water truck to the Institute, thereby enabling it to be fully in control of the water supply chain.

The project took many months but we are glad to communicate that truck for the Institute is now working at full capacity, enabling children to have access to get drinking water on daily basis.

Cape Town (South Africa), 2015

GEOLOG donated in South Africa school material (such as desks and chairs) to the Andile Primary School.

This Primary School is located in New Crossroads area, a very poor district approximately 15 km from the center of Cape Town.

The school was founded in 1976 and at the moment the school has a total number of 500 students and 16 teachers.

GEOLOG’s QHSE Coordinator of Cape Town office visited the school and personally delivered the material to the teachers and the students, making a big surprise to them!

Villahermosa (Mexico), 2015

The personnel of GEOLOG Mexico were involved in social activities, such as the donation of toys to kids of an orphanage and the organization of an event with clowns to entertain kids who are in treatment in a children’s hospital.

The goal of these initiatives was to let the kids spend happy moments... nothing is better than to make children happy and smiling!!!

Donations after typhoon Haiyan - Philippines (2013)

One of the most powerful tropical cyclone of the history hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013.
Super typhoon Yolanda (International codename: Haiyan) barreled through most of the Visayas, mid-section of the Philippines, leaving a trail of devastation in its path.

It was the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record, killing at least 6.268 people in the country, and leaving even more missing individuals. Nearly 10 million people have been affected.
The huge impact of the typhoon caused overwhelming response and relief efforts by first and foremost foreign governments, the private sector, civil societies, international and local humanitarian organizations.
These collective efforts were done to help affected communities recover from the ravages of this disaster. And so efforts were done by GEOLOG by sending donations to 2 different parties.

One donation was given to one of the main church organization in the Philippines, Jesus The Anointed One. The church organized relief efforts by sending a big truck loaded with rice, gallons of water, noodles soups and boxes of assorted biscuits.

An additional important donation was done to the UN Central Emergencies Response Fund on behalf of GEOLOG through GEOLOG Indonesia.

Charity initiatives for kids – Mozambique (2013)

In Mozambique GEOLOG followed two different charity projects.

The first project was related to a local school for both Mozambique and expat children; a school that is supposed to give an international formation, but that suffers a lack of books, desks, teachers and everything else that is needed for a fruitful and efficient learning environment. GEOLOG Mozambique donated a series of educational equipment to lend a helping hand for these kids.

The second project, “Progetto Ajuda Isabelina”, was carried out keeping in mind that Mozambique is one of the top five poorest countries in the world and children are the first suffering from this extreme lifestyle. GEOLOG Mozambique decided to get in contact with a voluntary mission that provides powdered milk for children lacking the proper amount of vitamins. The mission is distributing this product to children from 0 to 6 months and from 6 to 12 months. Thanks to the help provided by GEOLOG Mozambique, the mission was able to provide milk for both the age groups for at least 1 year.

AC’s donation to Hassi Messaoud primary school – Algeria (2014)

In 2014 GEOLOG Algeria was involved in a charity initiative in order to help a local primary school.
The project was a donation of AC’s to a primary school in Hassi Messaoud, known as the city of oil in Algeria, where most of oil companies and service companies are based.
GEOLOG chose to donate AC’s because the climate is very hot for more than six months per year, with temperature that could exceed 50 °C
This action contributed to improve the learning environment and to avoid the children to suffer from these extreme hot conditions while studying.
Seeing children very happy for this donation was the best satisfaction possible.

Christmas charity initiative – Peru (2014)

At Christmas 2014 GEOLOG Peru staff went to distribute gifts to a public hospice in Lima.
The hospice gives hospitality to old women who do not have enough money to survive alone. GEOLOG’s staff brought some food and small presents to each lady, and a special gift for all of them: speakers and microphone for the small church that they have in the hospice.

Support to Dom Bosco initiative – Luanda, Angola (2013)

GEOLOG supports the Dom Bosco initiative in Luanda, Angola. This is a charity initiative set up and managed by catholic priests from Italy and now present in over 230 countries worldwide. Their focus is on helping young disadvantaged children gain the necessary skills and education.

In Luanda in particular, Priest Santiago Christophersen runs a truly amazing organization by offering various levels of support: education to over 8,000 children on a daily basis, including 40 baby crèches that provide basic care, milk and food for over 600 children from newborns to the age of 5, a network of 16 schools providing primary and secondary education for over 6.000 children, 3 first aid centers and 5 professional formation centers where teenagers are taught professions, for instance electrician, carpenter, secretary, baker, IT technician.
Without this valuable support most of these children would invariably lack any basic education, like reading and writing skills.
The organization struggles to meet even the most essential necessities like purchasing food and water on a daily basis, let alone educational and recreational equipment (e.g. books and sports equipment).
In this context, an example of GEOLOG’s support to sporting activities was the purchase of equipment and sports facilities like football, basketball and volley uniforms, balls, handball/volleyball nets...

GEOLOG donated technical material with the purpose of training young Angolans and improve their chances of finding a job as skilled workers. Since its creation, the Professional Training Center Dom Bosco has been working with young people and low-income teenagers. For example, in order to help the “electrician” classes achieving their full potential, GEOLOG donated different types of wires and cables, neon lamps, green and red displays and other items.

The equipment donated by GEOLOG will allow these young people to develop high technical skills, and once graduated from Dom Bosco schools, the program will increase their opportunities to find a job faster.

The cooperation between Dom Bosco center and GEOLOG Angola will produce a positive outcome for the young beneficiaries and their families, thanks to the employment opportunities generated by their newly acquired skills.