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Realtime Operations and Collaboration Centre: Monitor, Support, Collaborate, Optimise, Analyse, Train

GEOLOG offers domain experts, drawing on the company’s industry-recognised global pool of experienced surface logging personnel, located in client-based or remotely-hosted realtime operations support centres (ROCCs).
A centralised collaborative team drives optimal well delivery, as well as creating an effective environment for sharing lessons learned, benchmarking and improving KPIs, establishing and standardising best practices, and training and mentoring.

  • 24/7 monitoring, collaboration, support
  • Scalable provision of realtime domain expertise, efficient use of expert resources
  • Centralised multi-site monitoring allows for less personnel at rigsite (POB)
  • Exposure to variety of global operations in one location drives effective and concentrated training and mentoring
  • KPIs and benchmarking drive continuous performance improvement: best practices become standard practice
  • Realtime management and visualisation of wellbore construction data enables remote drilling optimization, geosteering, analytics
& Solutions
  • Diverse global operations with diverse well construction challenges
  • Restrictive geographical, political or logistical constraints on rigsite headcount
  • Insufficient wellbore delivery domain expertise in-house; need for onboarding, training, mentoring
  • Need for centralised collaborative operations support environment

GEOLOG is the largest independent provider of surface logging services with the accompanying expertise of monitoring and supporting well construction activities. As such, GEOLOG has considerable experience in deploying scalable teams of qualified engineers to staff collaborative 24/7 monitoring and advisory facilities anywhere in the world. In partnership with established leading providers of independent well construction optimisation, reporting and analytics software solutions, GEOLOG supports Operators’ own in-house drilling and well engineers with quality-checked monitoring and well delivery process, driving immediate answer products, during planning, daily/ad-hoc while-drilling reviews, and post-well learning and continuous improvement practices.


Case History

Potential saving of $5m

A major European Operator established a Realtime Operations and Collaboration Centre (ROCC) in their corporate head office supporting their drilling activities in USA, South America, North Africa and SE Asia. Such diverse operations presented a wide variety of well construction challenges, both drilling and geological.

To ensure 24/7 operational coverage as well as consistent optimal well delivery, the Operator enhanced their own in-house expertise by staffing their ROCC with experienced GEOLOG engineers bringing domain expertise and real-time data tools to monitor and collaborate with both rigsite crews and Operator’s engineers, as well as developing a consolidated learning environment for the Operator’s junior engineers in their head office.

This teamwork approach quickly proved itself: using sophisticated real-time visualisation and advisory applications, the GEOLOG experts
noticed early drilling indications of poor hole-cleaning due to excess ROP.
GEOLOG proactively co-ordinated notification processes across both rigsite and office teams, the Operator’s Critical Event
procedure was immediately initiated, GEOLOG provided recommended precautionary actions, and optimal well conditions were
successfully restored, all while drilling uninterrupted.

According the Operator “historically, the average cost of stuck pipe NPT alone has been $125,000, with potential to exceed to $5m in the event of sidetrack”. 
Post-event review by the Operator highlighted and congratulated GEOLOG’s role in early detection and resolution of such risk, with the Operator RTOC
Manager writing “we take the opportunity to express our appreciation and satisfaction for the quality of the job provided by GEOLOG team in
the Real Time Support Centre. We thank the participating team members and look forward to their continued performance, commitment and proactivity
for upcoming exploration projects”