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Reliability, performance and quality delivered through
our unique production line
GEOLOG prides itself on manufacturing all of its Advanced Surface Logging Equipment and mobile laboratories at its production facility in Milan. By taking ownership of the entire manufacturing process in-house, GEOLOG is the only global surface logging supplier to provide the complete surface logging process to its clients from design of equipment through to interpreting the results of service provision. From design to physical assembly, full control and accountability is maintained for the quality and the highest standards being implemented for all cabins, computing hardware, gas acquisition and detection equipment, advanced geochemical analytical tools and specialist drilling technologies. By providing hardware of the highest possible standard, our field engineers and crews are able to focus on providing an exemplary service, acquiring, analysing and interpreting data, communicating results and delivering as much value from the wellsite as possible. Component selection is based upon technical features as well as customer and internal user feedback, ensuring that lessons learned in the field are incorporated into future production and operational technical support processes
Complete control over the entire manufacturing process sets GEOLOG equipment apart, in terms of quality of material, performance, reliability and traceability. Designs are modular, with acquisition and analytical components being suitable for all mobile laboratories. Through this process, GEOLOG is able to offer standard and optional extended warranties for its equipment, supported by a global 24/7 network of technical support from its production and operations teams. GEOLOG has in place a dedicated network of operational support bases with qualified, competent resources to provide local technical assistance. It is through this network and with assistance from our Milan Manufacturing Centre that we are also able to provide thorough installation and commissioning of all of our products and services and guarantee the availability of spare parts and upgrades to avoid obsolescence. Frequent and regular refurbishment and upgrading occurs to ensure continued reliability in the field and for our crews to be able to maintain their focus on performing their services. Comprehensive training is also provided for local technical support personnel to ensure that assistance is available in as timely a manner as possible.

Full control of the equipment’s quality

All manufactured in our Milan facility

Our manufacturing and design teams are able to provide detailed drawings, plans and certification to a variety of standards, addressing all customer concerns about the specifications of our units. Our mobile laboratories can be built according to various international standards, and in a variety of configurations, summarized in the following table:
Available Unit Lengths 20 ft, 25 ft, 30 ft and 40 ft. Custom length on request
Offshore Container Certification DNV 2.7-1 (Det Norske Veritas)
Offshore Electrical Certification DNV 2.7-2 (Det Norske Veritas)
Thermal Protection Certification SOLAS A0 (0 min) and A60 (60 mins) for Zone 1 - (Safety of Life at Sea)
Helicopter Transportation Certification NATO-STANAG 3542
Norwegian Petroleum Industry Certification NORSOK Z-015 (Norsk Sokkels Konkurranseposisjon)
Winterized Unit A0 and A60 down to – 20 °C (– 4 °F)
Winterized Alaska Model Unit A0 down to – 50 °C (– 58 °F)
Combo Unit A0 and A60 for Zone 1 (LWD, MWD)

Complete control over the entire manufacturing process

Reliability and traceability
As a global Surface Logging Service provider, we have extensive experience in developing, building and using equipment in harsh high temperature and extremely low temperature environments. We offer “winterized” components and systems proven to operate consistently in temperatures below -20 degrees C. In hot climates we provide dual air-conditioning units to ensure redundancy. Our full range of equipment and services have been tried and tested in temperatures up to 50 degrees C. We are also able to provide a range of specialty service cabins, including “Advanced Service” cabins designed to be used alongside other surface logging companies providing only standard services (deployed for example in Brazil for Petrobras, in Senegal for Cairn Energy and in Tanzania
for Statoil) and “Combination Service” cabins (designed to accommodate GEOLOG’s Surface Logging Services and third party services such as Logging While Drilling (LWD), or Measurement While Drilling (MWD) services in one cabin. For certain land operations, GEOLOG has trailer mounted units, capable of being towed easily between locations. In addition to our various service provision cabins, GEOLOG also provides suitable certified small toolbox/support containers, commonly used in more remote environments to house additional spares, tools and consumables to ensure continued, uninterrupted service no matter where operations may be occurring.

GEOLOG Surface Logging Equipment Characteristics:

With our equipment GEOLOG: