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Lucian, Confirmed Data Engineer
Hello everyone! My name is Lucian and I hold an Engineering degree in Geology.
I joined GEOLOG in 2011 as a Mud Logger working onshore for different clients. Due to the combination of the G-Rise self-training program, high-quality trainings and essential field experiences under the supervision of highly-qualified Data Engineers, I have managed to achieve a steady progression in my career form Junior Mud Logger to Confirmed Data Engineer.
The G-Rise program made me work hard desiring for more. It has allowed me to travel the world from my native Romania to my current assignment in Guyana.
Thanks to GEOLOG I had the opportunity to taste the oil industry and later to take full advantage of it by being directly involved in exploration activities both onshore and offshore. I had a dream when I was studying Geology and later GEOLOG made this dream come true. GEOLOG gave me the opportunity to also develop my intercultural skills by making contact with people from all over the world while working in different places.
Being part of the GEOLOG family is a prize because the company continuously invest and care about people.