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Feroz, Operations Manager
My name is Feroz. I joined GEOLOG in 2007 as Junior Data Engineer. Before that, I already worked in several Mud Logging companies and had many years of experience in the field, which made things easy to adapt.
My first shift with GEOLOG was in Angola and I still remember that I was given the opportunity to directly work as UM and perform rig up. It was challenging but I enjoyed doing it. Later, I was assigned to go to Kuwait to work in HPHT deep wells. In Kuwait, the wells are very challenging but we proved to be one of the best Mud Logging companies.
I believe GEOLOG is the place where good performance gets recognition. I kept on getting timely promotions, moving from Junior Data Engineer to Senior Data Engineer. After having a good performance for more than 3 years as a Senior Data Engineer, I was rewarded with an opportunity to work as Operations Manager in Kuwait. Moving from field to base was a totally different working culture, but I adjusted myself easily in that new environment. I always have the opinion that past knowledge and hard work are never wasted.
After a couple of weeks, I became familiar with my new responsibilities. I never felt alone, there was always support from my seniors. Apart from supervising operational and technical issues of the units, I had the opportunity to be in charge of the base inventory and GeoWare, Product Champion of Advance Gas, focal point of G-Rise and trainings.
I have been learning many new technologies and marketing them successfully to our clients. At GEOLOG, there is always opportunity for learners. Many trainings and self-learning programs are conducted for every level.
Here, I am always getting support from my colleagues and senior management. I feel that each employee has recognition in GEOLOG and I am proud to be a part of this company.