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Vincent, Formation Evaluation Specialist
My name is Vincent, I am a Geologist with a Master’s Degree in Science. I have 8 years' experience in Surface Logging, and throughout my carrier, I have experienced different positions such as Mud Logger, Data Engineer, Gas Specialist, Operations Manager, and most recently Formation Evaluation Specialist.
I have worked in many countries: France, UK, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and Qatar. Over this journey, I met in GEOLOG highly skilled people and some of them became my mentors. All these experiences at the rig site and in the office with different responsibilities have been a key point to deeply understand the Surface Logging business and finally have the best approach towards our clients and help them to better use our valuable data.
Our industry needs more and more information to successfully drill the challenging oil and gas wells. GEOLOG always manages to stay a step ahead by developing New Technologies and Services taking Mud Logging beyond the traditional to “Advanced Surface Logging” and I think this is the future of our business, with different applications in oil and gas from Exploration to Development, but also in Conventional and Unconventional reservoirs.
I moved to Qatar during the start of a project where Advanced Surface Logging was almost at its full capacity with 10 different gas instruments per unit plus laboratory analysis at our lab in town. The data gathered is extremely rich in information and I am very proud of the job achieved. We improved the data quality drastically, thanks to the team on site with a great stubbornness to deliver the best possible and thanks also to the support from the R&D team in Milan to enhance hardware and software.
GEOLOG is a pioneer by putting at the rig site new and advanced technologies. I am really proud to be part of this Surface Logging revolution.