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Eliana, R&D Specialist
My name is Eliana, I’m a Chemical Engineer and I joined GEOLOG’s “Fast Track Program” in 2014 The intense training was my first challenge! l learnt how to run a standalone mud logging unit, from safety procedures to mechanical and electronical troubleshooting. Being with Engineers with different backgrounds created a stimulating environment for fast learning and knowledge sharing. GEOLOG invested a lot on me with training and specialized courses and I became soon Junior Data Engineer and Geochemical Specialist, ready to work both onshore and offshore.
Since then I have been assigned to different projects worldwide, I had the chance to travel to Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. Each assignment was an exciting challenge; I keep learning every day and enjoy working in such a multicultural team. It’s a high-responsibility job and it can be stressful sometimes but it’s well worth it. Recently I joined the R&D Department, in Milan, Italy headquarters. I had a great opportunity to be part of GEOLOG Research and Development Team, where new technological solutions are raised from ideas to realities using the enthusiasm and talent in the company. Whether I worked in the field, the labs or in the office, I have always felt to be part of a big mechanism helping GEOLOG to be an Industry leader in the Oil & Gas industry.