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Enhance your professional skills and achieve your goals

Angel Padilla, Operations Manager
If you are interested in travelling around the world with a challenging job in a multicultural environment, GEOLOG is the place for you.
I’m Angel, a Mechanical and Electrical engineer, who joined GEOLOG for the “Fast Track Program” to become a Junior Data Engineer.
From the first day that you are in GEOLOG, you will notice that the company care about you.
The “Fast Track Program” involves time in Milan and after that to Romania to finish the training.
At GEOLOG, there is a huge variety of possibilities to continue learning and progressing. In my case, I went to Argentina and became a Geochemical specialist.
Some good things of working for GEOLOG are: work with high technology equipment, traveling around the world, meeting different people and learning from their cultures.
There is always something new to learn, if you search for the opportunity, GEOLOG will give you a chance. Hard work and perseverance are always the key to achieve your goals, and that’s how I became a Junior Operations Manager in Argentina. This experience is helping me to improve my knowledge in my career.
So far, I could not ask for more than this: an all-inclusive job!