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Enhance your professional skills and achieve your goals

Valentina Ricci, Field Engineer
Hi, I’m Valentina and I’m graduated in Electronical/Biomedical Engineering.
My experience with GEOLOG started in 2015, and I never expected to find myself involved in such a particular field. I attended the “Fast Track Program” and in a short time my life changed radically.
I had the possibility to travel often, mostly to the North Sea region where I usually work most of the time now. I quickly expanded my work and career views together with my personal goals expectations and my professional skills.
As a woman, I learnt how tough could be working in this environment and at the same time getting personal satisfaction and professional growth from it. I was positively surprised to live experiences that not everyone has the opportunity to live in a “normal” life.
Working for GEOLOG requires willingness and dedication, but it is a company that rewards and promotes the capacities and good attitude of its workers, always careful with the employees safety.
I consider myself fully satisfied and I can say that if you are really interested and willing to work in this company, is possible to get excellent results and climb relatively fast the career ladder.